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Flippy Friends AR Multiplayer is multiplayer augmented reality game from creators of worldwide hit Flippy Knife! See, how easy you can get a lot of fun and get rid of boredom crushing fruits in AR. Try amazing AR Multiplayer mode with your friends in different locations and prove, who’s the real master! Flippy Knife AR Multiplayer is based on Apple ARKit 2 - one of the latest and coolest technology Apple ever made! Now you can enjoy Augmented Reality playing alone or just gather your friends and have a lot of fun with them!

About the game

Flippy Friends AR Mutliplayer.
Compete to smash as many fruits as you can in Augmented Reality! Multiplayer AR game for up to 4 people. Flippy Friends AR Multiplayer uses ARKit 2 and is compatible with iPhone 6s and newer. See below for iPad and iOS compatibility. Fruits are spread out all around you in Augmented Reality! You need to smash them with help from your Flippy Friends! Choose a Friend, crush and smash the fruits, collect more Flippy Friends, and have endless fun competing with your friends and family in Multiplayer mode!
This Augmented Reality game is the perfect way to have a fun time at parties and get moving in the real world.

  • Find your Best Flippy Friend!
  • Crush and smash the fruits!
  • Easy-to-learn one-finger controls
  • MULTIPLAYER mode. Compete with friends on up to 4 devices
  • SINGLE PLAYER mode. Train your skills!
  • Make COMBOS and get superpowers!
  • Fun new characters coming soon!

Find your best Flippy Friend and get flipping!


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About us

Recent emphasis is put on developing mobile games, including carrying out the full project cycle from concept to upload.

Oleg Beresnev, founder of Beresnev, first developed a flat graphic style that became recognisable and easily associated with him.
Beresnev was founded. Started to surround himself with team of creative professionals: illustration projects, animation projects.
Game development projects: programming, composing, music for projects, marketing.
Company based in Prague, Czech Republic


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There are more images available for Beresnev Games. If you have specific requests, please do contact us at oleg@beresnev.games

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